Carlos P.E. Bedson

Wild Mammal Population Studies (WIMPS)


I am a wild mammal population biologist, based in the Derbyshire Peak District, England, UK.  

On 9th August 2021 I finish a 4.5 year PhD Research Program with Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU).

From September 2021 I seek wildlife population biology research opportunities.   

Please contact me with your research questions.    

My work  involves wild mammal population studies that inform conservation assessments. My research combines natural history evidence, genetic material, remote sensing and geographic data, applying statistical models to help explain animal population ecology, for monitoring and management. I am interested in animal census methods; quantitative ecology; geo-spatial prediction of animal occurrence; species distribution models and resource selection functions; population ecology.

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These are Open Access which means you can download the full article for free.   Hit the doi links to access them.  

Bedson et al. 2021  Estimating density of mountain hares using distance sampling: a comparison of daylight visual surveys, night-time thermal imaging and camera traps.  Wildlife Biology 2021 (3): wlb.00802 (2021).

This displays 3 methods for surveying hares recorded from the perspective of a particularly bleak snowy winter upon the most inhospitable terrain of England.


Bedson et al. 2021 Splitting hares: Current and future niches predicted as distinctly different for two congeneric lagomorphs.   Acta Oecologica Volume 111 August 2021, 103742

This provides substantial fascinating natural history for brown and mountain hares and gives the climate change forecast of range reduction for mountain hares.  

I am presently writing up two other papers on mountain hares.


From autumn 2021 I will be working as a free lance biologist looking for research opportunities concerning wildlife populations in distress.  You can find me on Twitter where I endeavor to mostly share new and original material.  Most material is impromptu. When in the wilds, you have to grab the beauty of the moment as you see it.  I also share highlights and associated adventures on Carlos Bedson’s YouTube Channel .   These are semi-educational, semi-fun and not intended to be taken seriously.     

You can email me at