Carlos Bedson: Wild Mammal Population Studies (WIMPS)


I am a wild mammal population biologist, based in the Derbyshire Peak District, England, UK.

I am working on a PhD Research Program with Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU).

With MMU and some great charitable sponsors, we are studying the English Mountain Hares in the Peak District: their ecology and population structure.

I also research an endangered population of grizzly bears, in North West Montana, USA.

My work comprises the collation of field observations and natural history data, to interpret where animal exist on the landscape.

In particular i look to understand and explain:

  • Where the mammals exist  (distribution).
  • How many there may be (minimum population size).
  • What habitat do they occupy and whether they occupy all that is available.
  • What human caused stresses impact on their population.


Field studies consist of long visits to an animals’ habitat, with slow, painstaking data gathering.

Moments are long and deep knowledge comes slowly.   A day’s work might bring one single detection only.  Sometimes even none.

I share some highlights and associated adventures on Carlos Bedson’s YouTube Channel .
You can find me on Twitter where I endeavor to mostly share new and original material (not Re-tweets).

Most material is impromptu. When in the wilds, you have to grab the beauty of the moment as you see it.

If you see something you don’t like – tell me. Everything is intended to provoke interest and stimulated thought, only.    If you see something you do like – tell me too.

You can email me at